Let Me Be Me—Different Every DaySM

Imagine something that lets you be you in the real world—different every day. Technology meets tattoos, but without the permanency. Something that lights up, is animated, and interacts with your environment.

That’s Shockatoo—wearable technology for social self-expressionSM—on your body, car window, backpack, and more. Animated designs and messages show your status, mood, or what you are about at that moment.  You can “wear” your new favorite song, brand, or event and share it with friends. You control it with your smartphone and take it off whenever you want.

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Do you Shockatoo?SM

Show The World Who You Are

Shockatoo has lots of ways you can show the world who you are—on your body, on your wrist, on your backpack, on your car—your imagination is the only limit.  Look for the following products coming soon:

  • Shockatoo™ – Electronic, light-up body art with dynamic messages and designs for any occasion or mood
  • Fusion™ – A light-up smartband that responds essay writers to music and motion
  • Shockacal™ – A slightly larger Shockatoo with the adhesive required to affix to your cell phone case, car window, etc.
  • Shockatag™ – Shockatoos mounted on a rigid plastic substrate suitable for affixing to your backpack, briefcase, luggage, etc.

Shock On!SM

Announcing Fusion Smartband

Fusion is the first smartphone-connected, LED-based smartband that responds to your music and motion with animated light patterns. Fusion lets you:

  • Connect to your music — Fusion senses and responds to your music so you can see your song as well as hear it
  • Share your passion — Show what’s important to you by creating and wearing super-bright animated light patterns and sharing them with the Fusion community
  • Stay connected — Show you’re part of a group with coordinating light patterns or stay connected with alerts

Learn more about Fusion Smartband >>

As Seen In

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